Sara Bachan

Sales Agent/Consultant

Contact: + 1-721-559-8796

I appreciate the value of Customer Service and always strives to ensure that my clients are satisfied and comfortable, by understanding how personal it is to purchase a home.

Born in Trinidad and naturally being an island girl myself, I am proud to introduce the diversity and beauty of this island life to my clients.

I have travelled around the world, from Europe to the Middle East and I am confident to say that no country compares to the quality of life in Sint Maarten.

The people, food, beaches and the overall ambience of Sint Maarten are just simply incredible!

Loves A strenuous gym workout, social activities, pasta, KFC which is my favorite junk food and spending time with my family.

Hates: Having nothing to do!

Guilty pleasure: Moca latte.

My inspiration: Mahatma Gandhi.

Favorite Quote: To give service to a single heart by a single act is better than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.

My confidence: Acts as a driving force to help achieve any set targets in my personal and organizational goals as I am always striving for excellence within any aspect of my life.